5 Serious Reasons for Poor Downloads of Mobile Applications

5 Serious Reasons for Poor Downloads of Mobile Applications

The total number of mobile applications available is increasing over the years. It has become inevitable for entrepreneurs to have something unique for dragging user attention. Needless to say, you will not get any second chance for impressing the users to convince them to download it. Thus, it has become important for both developers and marketers to make a successful app in terms of both revenue and popularity.

Defining the goals for revenue includes monetising factors, paid downloads and other modes of generating revenue. Thus, not having a clear goal might bring sheer failure to the business. Following here are some of the areas which, distract users from downloading it.

Poor Security

Security is one of the crucial causes that affects its success. With the rising number of threats, users have become more concerned about their confidential information stored in the smartphones. They no more download any app till the time they find it secure and purposeful. Thus, it is needful for entrepreneurs to consider the security feature.

Unproductive marketing

Creating a pre-launch buzz and developing a full-proof strategy for you will surely increase its downloads. Developing a winning marketing campaign will help business owners to create strong awareness among the target audience and accomplish your desired objectives.

Ignoring Recent Technologies of the World

Apps developed by deploying the latest technologies like Virtual and Augmented reality offers the power of reality to users. Powerful apps across a wide range of domains including fitness, food delivery, online payments to gaming have started using the recent technologies effectively for enticing the users and making them get used to it. Thus, overlooking the technology advancements might reduce the number of downloads.

Inaccurate testing

Users mostly get irritated when they find any kind of error in the app and if it continues to occur for more than once, then they end up in uninstalling it. Thus, testing is a crucial phase for making it highly secure and bug-free. You need to go through a series of security checks and also provide updates while reporting or reviewing about the errors. A mobile application that doesn’t provide any kind of new features or not respond to the users’ feedback properly will certainly get poor downloads.

Poor UX

User experience certainly plays a big role in determining its success. It is important to develop an app after comprehending the user behaviour so that you can deliver an ultimate unique user experience. Considering the user’s point of view will ultimately help you to get success

There are several issues to consider while digging out the reason behind poor downloads of an app. Starting from in-depth analysis and research to the development phase, you need to set a well-defined business objective, understand the user’s expectations, find the target audience, set marketing and performance check strategies as well. Thus, being an aspiring entrepreneur, it becomes much simple for you to seek help of an experienced app development company who has the right skillset, experience and resource to make it a grand success.

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