A Few Facts About a Cyber-Security Degree You Can’t Ignore

A Few Facts About a Cyber-Security Degree You Can’t Ignore

With the increasing number of online transactions and millions of people purchasing products through digital devices, cybersecurity concerns are growing significantly for private firms and government organizations. Not only startups, but big brands are also facing attacks from cyber criminals with brands like Yahoo, Target, and Home Depot being popular targets of hackers.

According to experts, identity theft and cyber terrorism are among the biggest global concerns in the modern world. As chances of cyber-crimes increase, demand for versatile cybersecurity professionals across industries has grown exponentially.

The online Master’s in Cyber Security can be of great help for individuals looking to have a shining future in the digital world, allowing candidates to undergo extensive technical training to understand and develop new techniques of confronting emerging threats in cybersecurity.

There are some factors to consider about a Cyber Security degree.

We’ve discussed with hundreds of people how the Maryville’s online Master’s in Cyber Security degree can help, and we would like to share the results with you to help you decide if a Cyber Security degree is worth it.

Great scope

When planning to go back to school to pursue a new career, it’s important to be confident that jobs will be available in the field by the time you complete your graduation. This is due to the fact you don’t want to invest your time and money towards a degree that yields minimal jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), cyber security jobs are expected to increase by 18 percent by 2024.

All industries need them

The demand for cyber security experts is not only in the big eCommerce brands – nearly every company in every industry has a need of information security services. This means you need not restrict yourself to a particular industry or organization; you can put your skills to work in any field.

Lack of experts

As a student, you may be not aware that cyber security jobs are actually in demand. But the reality is that there are not enough qualified candidates to meet the current demand. According to a report, there is going to be a shortage of two million cyber security professionals by 2019.

Employers need professionals with a degree

We know that there is going to be a shortage in qualified professionals, but what’s even more interesting here is that employers prefer hiring professionals with higher education degrees like Maryville’s online Master’s in Cyber Security degree. A professional degree introduces you to the system and process along with the techniques necessary to take care of your employer’s security needs.

Better earnings

According to experts, a professional with a brand working in a cyber security team can earn an above-average salary. This is because employers are willing to invest more in their security, and hence are looking for qualified candidates. The salaries of cybersecurity professionals are likely to be more than twice the national average for all occupations. A great choice, isn’t it?