The Role of Technology in the Management of Public Administration in the New Millennium

True to the global market, information technology is forecasted to effect a major influence in the future of public administration. Several studies were made into the role of technology in the management of public administration. And it was found that a highly efficient IT infrastructure equipped with the latest technology is vital in order for a public administration system to be effective in this technology driven age. The said infrastructure will streamline public administration systems to work faster without failing even when employees are on the go. The term/label IT (Information Technology) take into account any technology, hardware, or software, capable of storing, transmitting, and manipulating information as data.

To qualify to a public administration management position you either have an online mph degree that will equip you with skills and trainings that will be extremely helpful in maximizing your impact on the world of public health and health care. This is a fairly new master’s degree program under public administration with focuses on health education and promotion, global health leadership, biostatistics and epidemiology, geohealth and health services and policy. You can also learn more about USC’s online mpa degree to give you another option.

5 Basic Technology Needed to Organize a Public Administration Infrastructure

Data Cloud Storage

A cost-effective information storage system that require payment only for the exact storage space needed. Extremely convenient because it store data on remote servers, allowing easy sharing of organized information between parties. Data can be accessed anywhere subject to conditions of connectivity. Meaning, administrators even when not physically present in their local office network can access data as long as they have access to internet connection.

On-the-go Mobile Technology

Speedy dissemination of information through internet technology enabled mobile devices like smartphones and tablets from almost anywhere where internet is available. Files, e-mail, files, videos and websites, can be easily sent to each, no matter where they are currently located. Mobile devices is a great tool for socializing and entertainment while keeping employees productive via this larger than life IT infrastructure connection. Mobile devices are a useful and helpful tool, exceptional in stimulating on the go productivity of employees and as a relaxing distraction for those in the office.

Secure Data Encryption

The technology of secure data encryption is constantly evolving out of the necessity of protecting valuable data. To protect private and valuable government information pursuit of the most up-to-date techniques are continuous. This is the best way to ensure that the most important administrative data are stored and securely locked up where the hackers have almost certainly no access.