Top Paid Software and Apps for Publishers and Writers

Top Paid Software and Apps for Publishers and Writers


Notability is a great little tool for you to take notes on the go. It’s essentially like putting a piece of laminate on top of a web page or an email, allowing you to write whatever notes you want and have them handy. This is especially useful when editing or writing a book because you can jot them down wherever you are and revisit them when you have more time. As a publisher, it will also help you make notes of particular authors and books to give yourself a reminder if you want to work with that particular person again or not.


Storyist is a writer’s dream – especially for writers who may have a bit of trouble organizing their thoughts. This app will take your rambling thoughts and help you organize them into a more cohesive story. It allows you to see how much you’ve done, how your thoughts relate to each other, and any potential pitfalls it might come across. By streamlining this process, it will cut down on the editing when the story is finished, making your book ready for publication that much sooner.

The Brainstormer

The Brainstormer is a neat little app which helps you write a story by, as the name suggests, brainstorming ideas for you. When you feel stuck for what to write next, just open this up. All you do is spin the wheels and it will give you a conflict, the setting, and the subject. The writing is up to you!


Editorial is a great tool for publishers who are constantly on the move. It allows your editors to make notes, fix grammar, and talk to the authors all from their mobile devices. Writers and editors can also keep track of all of their projects in one place. This way they can bounce around between projects (because we all know there’s never just one thing going at a time) and still keep everything neatly organized.


No list of the top paid software for writers or publishers would be complete without including Scrivener. This software can be used on your desktop, notebook, or mobile device. It’s a handy tool to help you organize your story (or stories), keep notes, and set yourself word counts. One great feature Scrivener has is the ability to help you minimize distractions so you can simply focus on the task at hand; in order to play on Facebook, you would have to completely close the program.


ClicheCleaner is a handy piece of software for writers that allows you to scan in your manuscript and it will tell you if there are overused phrases or clichés within it. Then, based on the results, it will be up to you to determine if you want to take them out or if you actually like them there. ClicheCleaner is also unique in that it will let you try it out before you plunk down your hard-earned money. You get 20 documents scanned for free, after that you pay a small fee to do more.

ProAid Writing Tool

ProAid Writing Tool has both a free version and a paid version, but we chose to include it here because the perks with the paid version are actually worth the money. This piece of writing software will really scrutinize your work and look for repeated words and phrases, overused tropes, and passive voice. Also, it is designed to work hand in hand with Scrivener, which is pretty much a match made in heaven.


Though one of the more expensive pieces of writing software at nearly $80 a year, the return you get on your investment will save you a ton of money in the long run. Not only does it check your spelling, grammar, and word usage, WhiteSmoke also will translate text in a single keystroke and give you suggestions along the way. Also, if you get stuck on a certain part of your manuscript or you don’t know where to begin, WhiteSmoke offers writing tutorials to help you improve and figure out what to do next.


Grammarly is another piece of writing software that will help you improve the quality of your writing by looking for common errors in spelling, grammar, word usage, and phrasing and make suggestions on how to fix it. Grammarly will pop up with index cards to make suggestions on how to improve your writing as you go, leaving you free to focus on the task at hand and not get distracted trying to self-edit before your manuscript is even complete. The only drawback is Grammarly is not Apple-product friendly.


Despite the name, NewNovelist is a great writing program for both novice and experienced writers. Not only does it help you organize your thoughts and outlines, NewNovelist also makes suggestions for you and helps eliminate distractions. If you need to do research on a particular section, you can do so right in its special browser. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your novel writing needs to help you produced a polished manuscript ready for publication.

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